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National Say No to Bullying Week

The theme for 2013 was "Stay Safe, Have Fun, Stay Connected" The children created posters and podcasts to remind everyone about staying afe online.

Anti-bullying week for 2012 was 'We're better than bullying".

In 2011, the theme was 'Stop and Think...words can hurt'. the children made blue hands with pledges saying how they would have a happier time in school if everyone thought before doing. The children also rewrote the School's Anti-Bullying Policy.

In 2010 the children made an extra effort to be kind and helpful to everyone as the theme was 'Working Together'. Since then, the children have maintained their kind and helpful ways.

In 2009 the focus was on "Be Safe in Cybersafe". The children looked at various websites, watched videos, took part in quizzes and designed 'net nasties' and 'cyber widgets' in national competitions.
The focus was on raising awareness about being safe when they were online, especially whilst on the computer alone.

During 2008, all the children in school took part in sessions where they talked about friendships, relationships, getting on and falling out, how to deal with being bullied or knowing what to do if they saw someone being bullied.
The sessions took the form of discussion, role play, wordsearches etc and at the end of the week every class took a Blue Heart out onto the playground and tied it to our Muga for all children to read. Each Blue Heart had a message on it from the class saying what they were going to do to help promote happy playtimes...invite children to play if they were on their own, smile at everyone, be kind to those who were hurt or upset...and so on.

Peer Mentors and Play Leaders are regularly out and about promoting happy playtimes, presenting many children with badges and wristbands for getting along or helping someone who feels lonely.
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