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Apple Store Trip

We visited the Apple Store in Liverpool and got to do some programming and used Spheros.

I really liked Sphero because it like driving a remote control car but more complex (and that’s what I like). - Eden

The trip was really good, because we got to do Sphero and Swift Playground! I had so much fun in the apple store, seeing all the gadgets and finding out about the two types of codes. - Dylan

I liked how we could program the speed the angle and the direction the sphero was going. - Tom

l like Sphero becuase you could control it. - Anton

I really enjoyed going to Liverpool and visiting the Apple Store. It was a great experience and answered a lot of questions that I had about coding. I didn't know that there were two types of coding before the trip. My favourite part was when we played with Sphereo and tried to guide it through a maze. Overall I thought that this was a great experience and I am extremely grateful to Mr West, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Bennet. - Owen

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