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CPR Training

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Over the last few weeks all of the children in KS2 will have had the opportunity to learn life saving CPR skills in school. 
Mr Hookham, a parent of the school and employee for the North West Ambulance Service has volunteered to come into school and train all of our KS2 children, suporting the children in developing skills which coudl one day save a life ! 
Both the children and staff have found the ecpereience to be very valuable - Thank you Mr Hookham ! 

Today I learnt how to do CPR.

D danger (look for danger)

R response (check to see if they are responding)

S shout (shout for help!)


A airways (make sure you give them a better chance to breath)

B breathing (see if they are breathing)

C compressions ( try to their heart beating)

D defibrillate (if you have done all that use the defibrillator)


Call 999 and ask for an ambulance.


Josh Nolan 4MT