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What a day to go bald.

Mr Cocks would like to thank all the people who have donated money, or are thinking of sending a donation in next week, towards the planned purchase of a second defibrilator to keep available in school. One family raised £100, so a special thank you to them.  Currently the total is approximately £700.

This afternoon, many of the children have enjoyed watching Mr Cocks have his hair cut off! Once Miss Diss had cut off as much as she could with clippers, the children encouraged Mr Cocks to keep going shorter. Out came the shaving foam and a razor and pretty soon the last bit of hair was gone!

Well done to all the children who designed a hat to keep Mr Cocks warm. A couple of children even went so far as to make the hat and bring it in. You clearly know him well, judging by the amount of hats that included hot chocolate, Bournville or beer.