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E-Safety Parental Workshop

A very successful evening focussing on the ever important issue of E-safety.

Churchtown Primary School endeavors to form close links with parents and each year we host a range of workshops. This session was all about how to keep your children safe and behave appropriately online, parental controls and all electronic media. We constantly strive to protect and educate our pupils in the digital world we live in and would like to help carry this on at home. 

We are very pleased with the feedback from this session and would love for a greater attendance at the next event. Here are some examples of the feedback recieved: 

" Excellent session, more parents should come to this as its vital for all children. They would also learn a lot about their own behaviour. Very informative."

" Really great - such a shame there wasn't a greater attendance. Good level of interactivity. Interesting to know what happens in school. Thank you!"

" Very informative. Impressed with how much is alread done in school. Will share some of the info. Thank you!"

" Simple, easy to undersatnd and follow. Right content. Important areas covered. Thanks and well done."

"Extremely helpful to heighten awareness of Internet Safety. Good to know about child friendly search engine. Well informed. Thank you."

We will be hosting another E-Safety workshop on the same topics on Tuesday 21st of Novemeber 9:00-9:45am in school for any parents who are interested. We really appreciate any support given in this area.