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Year 5 pitch their business plans!

Over the last few weeks, Year 5 classes have been designing and creating their own brands of chocolate! They have thought carefully about their target audience, their marketing and advertising, the packaging and the chocolate itself!

This week, once all the brands were created and the chocolates were tasted, Year 5 children were visited by marketing agent, Darren McLeod.  He delivered a presentation to each class about what he does, what makes a good marketer, different types of advertising and what makes an effective advert. 

The children then came to the front of the class and pitched their ideas to Lord McLeod, who decided whether or not to invest in their products. The children showcased their TV and radio adverts, before delivering a short presentation about their new brand. Lord McLeod critiqued each one on different areas (e.g. creativity), before deciding on an overall winner.

All the children enjoyed enjoyed the experience and received valuable Skills for Life in terms of teamwork, marketing and advertising. 

Well done Year 5!