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Year 5 explore the UK!

As part of their 'Best of British' theme, Year 5 children visited each other's classrooms to learn about England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Throughout the day, the children learned many historical, geographical and cultural facts about each country. They were also able to sample different, traditional foods such as Scottish haggis and Irish Barmbrack while taking part in different activities. 

All the children enjoyed the experience. 5K's Ben Goulden commented, "the 'WOW' day was brilliant and we had lots of fun. I almost felt that we were actually in each country at the time!"

Owen Robinson also added, "the memory of today will be as precious as a leprochaun's pot of gold!" Charlotte Cooper appreciated learning about the traditional sports, stating "I really enjoyed trying to do the Irish dancing. I will never forget this day!"