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Year 5

In Year 5 we continue to provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum that allows for creative thinking and the development of independent skills. We aim to teach this through a range of fun and exciting activities which underpin the learning of key skills across the curriculum. Furthermore, this year there will be a strong emphasis on the development of children’s mathematical and English skills, preparing them for the challenges of the Year 6 curriculum.

Year Group Information

Class 5D

Teacher: Mrs Draper

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Patten and Mrs Bradshaw

PE: Monday Morning 

PE: Thursday afternoon


Class 5S

Teachers: Mr Smith

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Gellett and Miss Chase

PE: Monday Morning 

PE: Thursday afternoon


Important Dates

19th - 21st September 2018 - Robinwood Trip

Bikeability - safe cycling training:

5S - Wednesday 24th April & Wednesday 1st May

5SB - Thursday 25th April &

Thursday 2nd May

5V - Friday 26th April &

Friday 3rd May

5D - Tuesday 30th April & Tuesday 7th May

Trip to Jodrell Bank

Monday 10th June - 5S & 5SB

Tuesday 11th June - 5D & 5V


Class 5SB

Teacher: Mrs Bluck and Mrs Samra

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Drake

Field: Monday Morning 

Field: Thursday afternoon                                                             


Class 5V

Teacher: Miss Vernon

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Derbyshire

Field:  Monday Morning 

Field:  Thursday afternoon






All Aboard the Hogwarts Express (Autumn )

Quality Text: 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone' by J. K. Rowling

The Year begins with a visit from Simon Ward, who discusses the importance of having a ‘growth mindset’ when facing different challenges. This is very useful for the children, especially those who attend the Robinwood residential in September! Following the Robinwood trip, reading our quality text, J.K.Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, whilst discovering the wonders of the British Isles. The children will also use their new iPads and atlases to learn all about where we we live in relation to the rest of the UK and the world! As scientists the children will be looking at forces in action beginning withe a visit to the Botanic Gardens.

Who Let the Gods Out (Spring )

Quality Text:  The Usborne Book of Greek Myths and 'Who Let the Gods Out' by Maz Evans

In Spring, the children look at how the Greeks have inspired us and society. They study Greek architecture and recognise Greek influences in buildings and monuments on Lord Street. They learn about the Greek city states and forms of government, identifying how a democracy is an effective way of governing a country. The children also learn about the Olympics and influential Greeks. 

'A Cog in Time' (Summer 1)

Quality Text: 'Cogheart' by Peter Bunzl

Here, the children find out everything they can about Queen Victorian and Britian during her reign. The children are transported back in time for a special 'Victorian Day' in class where they gain first-hand experience of what it would be like to be a child in school during this period. They are able to lead their own learning and research different aspects of this era which interest in them, while also being taught about the Victoria Cross. 

See Year 5's overview at the bottom of this page.

Home Tasks 

In Year 5, we expect children to read at home with an adult 3 times a week. In addition to this, children should complete independent reading daily and this should be recorded in their Reading Record.

We aim to provide children with a range of homework activities to prepare for or consolidate their classroom learning.  Homework will be given out on Friday to be finished by the following Wednesday unless otherwise instructed. Usually, there will be a 20 minute task relating to English and/or our current Theme, as well as a 20 minute Maths challenge.

Times table knowledge is essential as a building block for all maths skills. We expect the children to know all their times tables off by heart, up to 12x12. It is important that the children take time to learn these throughout the week.