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PTA Needs You

PTA Volunteering

The PTA is a vital part of school's community: bridging gaps in funding for equipment and facilities that education budgets cannot meet without putting something else at risk.

We fund:

  • School MinibusChurchtown Primary School minibus funded by the PTA with kind sponsorship from e.den Play
  • Early Years Learning Garden
  • New Classroom Furniture
  • iPads
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • School Newspapers
  • Play Equipment
  • Breakout Learning Zones
  • Book Shelves
  • ... and so much more: the PTA's contribution is found everywhere throughout the school and across all learning stages.

And as much as the PTA is vital to school, so too are Home volunteers essential to the PTA. We simply could not organise the variety and number of events necessary without the help of willing parents, carers and grandparents giving up a little of their time for the good of the school.


Can You Please Spare Some Time?

It's a lucky person who's able to say they have all the time in the world, and we truly appreciate the demands of work and home life for the vast majority of parents  There are a number of ways you can help the PTA, from an hour selling sweets and drinks at a disco, to playing an active role in the leadership of the PTA.


Active PTA Membership

Active members of the PTA help plan, organise and run events and activities, and areActive PTA Members as a proportion of School Parents normally Committee members.  This isn't a stuffy club we're running, it's a friendly group of everyday parents who have a skill for organising, the will to make events succeed, and a passion to support the very best learning environment their children could enjoy.

We need new active members to replace some long-standing and experienced personalities who will leave us at the end of the academic year as their children move on to further their education.

In a school of 840 children (and approximately twice as many parents, carers and grandparents), we have just 6 active parent members.  Key roles need to be filled and the more organising power we have, the more funds we can raise - can you consider volunteering?


PTA Volunteers & Helpers

PTA volunteers and helpers are oil in the machine, helping run stalls, assist at discos, sell prize draw tickets and generally allow us to run the scale of events necessary to satisfy the needs of such a large school, and reach our fundraising goals.

The average time a helper gives is 2½ hours per year.  That could be helping set up the Summer Fair and run a stall, or attend two discos to sell tuck and make sure all the attending children are happy, safe and enjoying themselves.


How to Volunteer

In a school so large, it's easy to think that there is already plenty of parents helping out and running events.  Regrettably, this isn't the case and your help would be truly valued: not only by the PTA, but the children whose school experience is enhanced by the funds we provide.

If you can help, please email the PTA Chair on, message us via our Facebook page, or complete one of our volunteer forms that can be found at the School Office.

Thank you

The PTA is officially known as
Churchtown Home School Association: a registered charity number 702383

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