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Money, money, money!

We have been learning about money. The children have had the opportunity to handle real coins, and talk about their value. It is a tricky concept to understand, but we are starting to understand that a 10p is the same value as ten 1ps. We have set up cafes and shops in our classrooms to give children the opportunity to use money in their play. 

The children have enjoyed handling money and observing the differences in size and colour of the coins.

We have practised paying for items exactly, and have progressed onto adding items together and working out how much our shopping costs. The children like being in role, being the customer, shop keeper or waiter.  We are more confident now at putting the larger number in our head and counting on with our fingers or with a number line.

The children have been paying for their snack ito help with coin recognition. The children helped to come up with simple prices, like water 1p, milk 2p, bananas 3p. The children had to find the money to pay for their snack and put it in the till. They really enjoyed doing this.

Maybe you could set up a shop at home?

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