Support and Guidance 

At Churchtown Primary School we recognise how challenging day to day family life can be. It is perfectly normal for all families to need a little extra help or advice from time to time. This page aims to signpost support available in the local area as well as provide links to guidance that covers a wide range of issues that our children and young people face today.

Should you require any support, please come and talk to us. You can contact the school office on 01704 508500 or email and ask for a member of the Pastoral or SEND team to contact you. The Pastoral and SEND team are also available at parents evenings.  



Family Wellbeing Hubs 

Family Wellbeing Centres provide joined up support for children and young people aged 0-19 years to make family life that little bit easier. Family wellbeing centres can offer support with:

  • Parenting - parents-to-be, new parents/foster parents, behaviour, speech and language.
  • Health - health visitors, mental health, healthy eating, sexual health  
  • Employment - including training, apprenticeships, and volunteering.
  • Education - early learning, attendance, further education, educational attainment
  • Community engagement - social opportunities, events, clubs, activities 
  • Relationships - counselling, loneliness, promoting positive relationships.
  • Welfare - benefits, debt advice, housing support
  • Targeted one to one and group work programmes. 

There are family wellbeing hubs located in North Sefton, South Sefton and South Sefton.

The centres located in North Sefton are the Linaker Family Wellbeing Centre, First Steps Family Wellbeing Centre, Talbot Street Family Wellbeing Centre and Formby Library and Family Wellbeing Centre. 

More information including contact details are available here.


Early Help

Sometimes additional support is needed by families so they can provide consistent and appropriate care for their children that is beyond universal services. The aim of Early Help is to provide the right help as soon as a problem emerges. This could be at any age through childhood and adolescence. In Sefton this is known as 'Helping Families Early to thrive'. If you would like more information regarding Early Help please select the relevant county to where your child resides Sefton or Lancashire


Children's Social Care

Where the needs of a child/ family requires an escalated level of support beyond Early Help or without necessary intervention the child would be/ continue to be at risk of significant harm then Children's Social Care needed. The purpose of Children's Social Care is to ensure children in Sefton are safe, happy and thriving. If you would like to find out further information regarding Children's Social Care please select the relevant county where your child resides Sefton or Lancashire.  

If you require immediate advice/ support regarding a child/ young person that resides in Sefton please call 0345 140 0845 between 8am and 6pm or the duty team on 0151 934 3555.

Lancashire please call 0300 123 6720 or the out of hours duty team 0300 123 6722.

If you believe a child is in immediate danger please call 999 for assistance. 


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