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Halving and sharing

The children find the concept of half quite tricky. The children were shown how to cut various fruits in half, and we talked about this making 2 equal pieces. We made toast and cut the slices in half to consolidate their understanding. We progressed onto looking at word problems, like "Mrs West has 8 sweets and she wants to share them between her and Mrs Rushton, how many will they each have?" We give the children practical resources like cubes, buttons or sweets to use to divide between two bowls fairly, saying one for me, one for you etc, until they are shared out equally. 


One of our maths challenges was to sort pictures of shapes into true or false. The statement was "Half of each shape is coloured in". The children enjoyed this challenge and could sort the shapes, explaining their ideas. Children's thoughts were "that bit is bigger than that bit so it isn't fair" and "that isn't the same size, the half way line should go there".

We moved onto looking at halving as the inverse of doubling. For example:-

1+1=2 ,  so half of 2 is 1.                             6+6=12, so half of 12 is 6. 

Can you find ways of looking at halving and sharing at home? Maybe when you are serving up dinner, tell the children to share out the fish fingers equally so that everyone has the same number.  You could also challenge their thinking by saying there are 6 Easter eggs left and four of us, can we share them out equally? Why not?

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