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Measuring length

We have been learning about measuring. The children were very good at putting two objects side by side and saying which one was longer and which was shorter. We then asked them to order three and then four objects from shortest to longest - no problem!

We moved onto measuring the length of an object using a non-standard measure, like cotton wool buds, glass gems, cubes or paper clips. The children had a go at estimating their length first, using phrases like "I think the paintbrush will be 20 paper clips long". We then measured the object, puting the measuring units side by side to see if they were close with their estimate.

We talked about the different units, and the children knew the results would change depending on what we measured with,.

What things can you measure at home? When the children go into Year 1 they will be talking about the need to use a standard unit to measure things accurately and will be looking at mm, cm and m.

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