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'Classroom' App

Today we explored an app called 'classroom'. We wanted to learn how to control the 30 devices on the iPad trolley so that we could help our teachers in lessons. We recorded some videos with instructions to help newer members of staff or those who haven't used the teacher iPad before. Click here to watch!

The teacher iPad is in a green case. You will need to click on the app called ‘classroom’ which is an orange icon located on the home screen.

Our videos will teach you how to lock/unlock, mute, Airdrop a link and how to select an app for all 30 iPads.

On the thumbnail there is a picture of how the iPad trolley should look before and after use. Please make sure you leave it how you found it!

If you have any ideas of how we can help everybody in our school, please let us know!



 Click here to learn how to see all 30 screens at once.



  Click here to learn how to lock/unlock and mute the children's iPads. 



 Click here to learn how to lock all 30 iPads onto the same app.



Click here to learn how to Airdrop a link to all 30 iPads.