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  • Partial School Closure

    Published 17/03/20
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  • Coronavirus Information For Parents

    Published 16/03/20

    Coronavirus Information For Parents

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  • A big thank you !

    Published 05/03/20

    SLP Love My Community Event  

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  • Reading Bingo Challenge

    Published 26/02/20

    Get Reading - Reading Bingo Challenge 

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  • Crime Scene Day

    Published 23/01/20

    Today the Year 5 Science Ambassadors went to Christ the King High School to work as CSI and solve the mystery of Miss Summer's 'murder'!

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  • Year 1's Trip to the Bakery

    Published 25/11/19

    Last Friday, Year 1 went to the bakery to buy their very own Gingerbread man, as we have been reading ‘The Gingerbread Man’ this half term! The children had a wonderful time and enjoyed eating them later in the afternoon! 



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  • Harry Potter Day

    Published 11/11/19

    Harry Potter Day inYear 5

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  • Junior Chef

    Published 25/10/19

    Junior Chef nominations and winners for this half term.

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  • PDSA

    Published 20/10/19

    Our children were lucky enough to be visited by Rebecca from the PDSA who has educated all of the pupils at Churchtown Primary School on how to be responsible pet owners. 

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  • Hello Yellow Day!

    Published 20/10/19

    Thursday 10th October marked Hello Yellow Day - a day to support children and young people’s mental health on World Mental Health Day.

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  • Year 5 visit to the Mosque

    Published 16/10/19

    On Wednesday we were welcomed into the Mosque to bring to life our learning about Islam.

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  • Homework Project - Autumn

    Published 07/10/19
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