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Tuffers and Aggers get a grilling!

Last week, two of of Churchtown's upcoming cricket stars were able to interview another pair of cricket stars!

Phil Tufnell and Jonathan Agnew are currently half way through a UK tour discussing their time as cricketers for England, Middlesex and Leicestershire and their switch to life in the media. Jonathon was recently awarded the MBE for his services to cricket where he has been the BBC correspondent for over 25 years whilst Phil is a regular summariser on Test Match Special as well as a captain on Question of Sport, a former King of the Jungle and has been on Strictly and The Jump!

The pair of cricketing aristocracy agreed to meet with two members of last year's successful cricket team to find out more about how they got into cricket and what makes the game so special. Tom and Chloe asked 3 questions each; the first relating to girls cricket. Jonathan’s cousin played in the first women's World Cup and he has an affection with the game, explaining that there has never been a better time for girls to play cricket.

As both Aggers and Tuffers were mainly bowlers, Tom asked how they finally ended up as a spin or fast bowler. Ironically, both players had switched between spin/fast bowling and ‘Tuffers’ explained that you can "get a feel for it, but don’t be afraid to give everything a go”. 

Both gentlemen also agreed that - apart from winning - the best thing about cricket was the friendships that they have made.

However, it was the final question that nearly stumped the pair of them when they were asked for one sentence of advice. After a lot of careful deliberation, Tuffers declared that "you should be your own person" whilst Aggers advised,  "don't just work on one aspect of the game, but work on everything."

At the end of the interview (a real role reversal for Jonathan who is used to being in charge!), ‘Tuffers' and ‘Aggers'  posed for pictures in the Southport Theatre Green Room and gave the children a signed poster each.

So if you want to play a sport that allows you to be your own person, build friendships, can be played equally by both boys and girls and you are in years 5 or 6, keep your eye out for the After-School Club starting after Easter! 


Following the interview, Mr Bateman received the following email from Phil Tufnell himself:

Can you please thank Tom and Chloe for their letters.

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by them, couple of journalists in the making as well as cricketers.

Phil Tufnell