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Churchtown Teachers Abroad!

This week, Miss Cooper and Mr King travelled overseas to Malaga, Spain, to develop and share their understanding of Visual Narratives and ICT in the classroom!

Over the week, they attended workshops that focused on different apps that could be used in the classroom and discussed different forms of visual narrative that the children encounter. They were able to work with many other teachers from around the UK, as well as Portugal, Estonia, Greece and Romania! This enabled them to develop a broader understanding of the subjects in a wider context, which they can now bring back to Churchtown.

As well as this, Miss Cooper and Mr King delivered a presentation to the trainers, facilitators and their fellow teaching colleagues on how Churchtown Primary uses ICT across the school. Some teachers were so impressed that they now want to arrange visits to our school to see it all in action! Similarly, Miss Cooper and Mr King were so interested in some schools’ work that they will be looking to go and visit them in the near future, hopefully bringing back some more ideas and resources!

A particular highlight of the trip was being able to visit a local secondary school and primary school and work with local Spanish children to see how they develop their ICT skills. Miss Cooper and Mr King were amazed at how the children used various apps and their green screens along the corridors. There were some apps which they will definitely be researching in more detail!

It was an action-packed week with a lot of learning and laughter, though both Miss Cooper and Mr King are now looking forward to seeing their Churchtown classes again and sharing their experiences with their colleagues!