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Celebrating Hinduism 

This term, Year 5 have been broadening their understanding of Hinduism. They have learnt about different routines, practices and pilgrimages. They also created some fantastic art work focused around the celebration of Holi, using art pastels. Year 5 were very lucky this year as they had Isvatha Kugathasan from 5C, who was able to visit each class to discuss her religion and share artefacts.  

Lily Webster from 5M said, "This was a lovely surprise during our Hinduism lesson. I was astounded by the length of her sari!" 

Ben Payne (5K) added, "Learning about Hinduism has been very interesting. I liked seeing all the use of colour during the Holi festival!" 

Jasmine Rotheram (5MN) explained that she had learned a lot from Isvatha, “I learned that the red bindi was for people that are married and the diamond one was for people who are not married." 

Finally, Sam Wright (5C) stated, "Everything was stunning! Some of the most amazing things I’ve seen this term." Adam Cockwill (5C) added, "The patterns on her sari were beautiful!"