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Birkdale High School visit Year 4

Birkdale High School Animal Club visit Year 4 with an exciting range of animals!

Year 4 were extremely fortunate to be visited by Birkdale High School's Science Garden and Animal Club on Wednesday 22nd February and Wednesday 1st March, to support us with our topic on Rainforests and Science work on food chains.  Our visitors brought with them some of the animals from their Animal Club and we were lucky enough to meet and handle; rats, a bearded dragon, gerbils, a corn snake, chinchillas, a hamster, a tortoise, stick insects, crickets, locusts and a chicken!  First of all we learned about how the animals might adapt for survival in the Rainforest.  Then we visited each of the animals in turn and received an interactive, mini-presentation by the Birkdale High School boys.  The children loved meeting and handling the animals and the boys from Birkdale were highly knowledgeable and engaging when teaching the younger children about the creatures they had brought with them.