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Relax Kids

Year 6 children have been fortunate to work alongside a Relax Kids coach to develop a variety of calming techniques that they can use in the lead up to the SATs.

The children attended two one hour sessions which were fun, interactive and delivered expertly, with a great deal of sensitivity to the needs of the children. Each session enabled the children to learn the science behind how their brain works, why it’s a natural reaction to feel stressed and nervous in new situations and strategies to cope with these feelings. They practiced deep breathing, including Angel Breaths and Darth Vader breaths (a popular technique!).

The children were shown how stretching and yoga would help and a particular favourite was the peer massage. The children leant a routine which included moves such as kneading dough, cat grip and ice skating. They were all enthusiastic to take part and could see how breathing, yoga and peer massage can be useful items in their personal toolkits developing skills for life. Another focus of the sessions was the use of positive affirmations to boost self-belief and confidence, especially in areas of life where the children didn’t feel they were successful.

The children have commented on how relaxing they found the sessions and how the techniques calmed them down. Some have already used the techniques at home, especially the peer massage, which they have tried on parents!

Teachers are looking forward to using these techniques to help the children in their daily school life and give them strategies they can use for dealing with ‘stressful’ times.