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Spelling Bee!

Churchtown Spelling Bee Final - Y5/6

As part of our work to promote high standards of spelling in Year 5 and Year 6, we held our first ever Spelling Bee this half term. We felt that this wiould be a motivating and fun way to promote the learning of spellings.  

In order to celebrate the achievements and hard work of all our Y5/6 children, children were able to choose from  four different spelling competitions; Suns, Stars, Moons and Comets. The competitions increased in difficulty, with the Comets competition including the most challenging spellings. 

Children competed in four rounds of the competition. The first round was judged by class teachers, the second round was judged by Miss Garside (UKS2 Phase Leader), the third round was judged by Mrs Healy (Assistant Headteacher) and the final round was judged by Mrs Taylor (Headteacher) in front of an assembly audience. 

We were thrilled to see so many children taking part in the competition; children worked very hard during each of the rounds and deserve a big pat on the back. 

The winners of the final are as follows:

Suns: Connor Haynes and Libby Van der Vyver

Stars: Niall Fitzgerald and Imogen Kerr

Moons: Adnan Monzu and Charlotte Cooper

Comets: Ben Porter, Alex Meadows and Jessica Harrison

The winners will be taken on a special trip to the Atkinson library and will be treated to a hot chocolate in the Atkinson cafe.