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Our Visit from an air steward

On Tuesday 25th April 2017, Year 3 had a  special visit from an air steward called Karl following on from our airport day.

He told us about his  exciting life as an air steward and we learnt some amazing facts about British Airways (the company he works for).  We learnt about a giant double decker plane. Year three had a fantastic day! Karl said his favourite flight was to Singapore. Did you know the shortest flight is from London to Manchester (26 minutes)? Year 3 think they were very, very lucky!   By Lily

'It was very exciting learning about aeroplanes.' - Kaleb

'I didn't know air stewards sleep on the plane. Did you know that they wear new uniforms every year?' - Ian

'Karl's favourite plane was the A380, it is even a double decker!' - Finley

'He had lots of celebrities on his planes such as Simon Cowell, Ant and Dec and many more.' - Evie

'He also told us something that nobdy knows, they have bunk beds to sleep in.' - Carter

'Karl talked about his favourite customers and his most annoying customers.' - Lucy

'Karl does lots of cool things on a plane like being a doctor, firefighter and a policeman.' - Sophie

'I never knew some people don't know how to use the toilet doors on a plane.' - Lexie

'We were very interested in what Karl was telling us.' - Eden