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Southport and Waterloo one mile run.

Another year of fantastic results were achieved last night at ‘Victoria’ park for the annual ‘Southport and Waterloo’ athletic club’s one mile race. 

Year 5 and 6 proudly represented Churchtown in fine style displaying skills of motivation, resilience, determination and achievement with a desire for success lingering.  An excitable set of parents supported the 35 children as James Read, Tyler Halliday-Hawkes and Scott Kirby claimed first second and third places for the Year 6 boys with outstanding running times followed by Sukey Hogan, Beth Fenny and Erin Sammin claiming first, second and third for Year 6 girls.


The year 5’s ran in true, rehearsed style too with Rhianna Camm, Charlotte Cooper and Lara Worthy achieving first, second and third places for Churchtown whilst Thomas Walsh  achieved an astounding first place for Churchtown year 5 boys AND a fantastic second place overall for the entire run against many local schools! Luke Golding and Joel Thompson equally smashed second and third places with new personal bests. The children were exemplary in their performances.

Year 6 boys further claimed second place overall in their team efforts! 

‘Bursting with pride’ with a real sense of achievement, was the air of the evening. A big well done to everyone involved.

In timed order: 

Year 6 Boys: James Read, Tyler Halliday-Hawkes, Scott Kirby, Dylan Tinsley, Seb Bailey, Tom Hill, Thomas Eshelby, Louis Stephenson, Dylan Fair, Sam Sutton, Ben Porter, Kai Nutting, Joel Major, Russell Collis and Harley Davidson-Ashes. 

Year 6 Girls: Sukey Hogan, Beth Fenny and Erin Sammin.

Year 5 Boys: Tom Walsh, Luke Golding, Scott Kirby, Charlie Fairweather and William Jones. 

Year 5 Girls: Rhianna Camm, Charlotte Cooper, Lara Worthy, Grace White, Jessica Harrison, Georgia Bradley and Naomi Jones.