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Children's University 2017

Children's University 2017

The children in Year 2 and 6 have been working very hard to collect credits from after school clubs and learning destinations across Sefton in their Learning Passports.

Year 2 children had to collect 30 credits or more, thats 30 hours of learning outside of school!

Year 6 children had to collect 100 credits or more, thats 100 hours of learning outside of school!

We had two very confident and clear speeches all about Children's University from our students Chloe Harrison (Year 2) and Louis Stephenson (Year 6). It was so brave to speak infront of so many people, well done!





We had a great day with fun had by all. Year 6 children get to wear a cap and gown and Year 2 children get a FREE Children's University T-shirt. Lots of goodies will be given out to our graduates after the ceremony. 

DYLAN FAIR was our outstanding achiever gaining over 700 credits, that is a huge achievement and we are very proud of him as a school, he has been gaining lots of skills over his time at Churchtown and this will prepare him for the next stage in his education at high school. 

Learning passports are available from the school office if you would like your child to start collecting credits, its never too late!