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Year 6 Visit Stanley

Year 6 visit to Stanley

Last Friday, Year 6 were invited up to Stanley to take part in a taster day. The main idea behind the day was to give the children an insight into what a day might entail at secondary school. The children were given 4 different sessions to take part in: Science, where they created and launched their own rockets using a 2-litre bottle, water and a bicycle pump; Food Technology, where baking skills were put to the test-creating their own very colourful biscuits; PE, where the year 10 Sports Leaders led the children in  anumber of small sided challenges; and English which involved creating their own plasticine character and incorporating it into a story starter with the title of 'The Trapdoor'.

It is fair to say that all of the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and displayed excellent manners throughout their time there.