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All Aboard The Hogwarts Express!!

The children in Year 5 enjoyed a magical day as part of their Harry Potter theme. They travelled to Diagon Alley where they mixed potions,  made wands, created magical creatures and flew broomsticks.

They jumped aboard the Hogwarts express, ate chocolate frogs and upon arrival at Hogwarts they were sorted into Houses. It was a truly memorable day! 

"The Harry Potter day was fun and highly magically day for all to witness” Luna Booth 5BM

"There is only one word I can use to describe our Harry Potter theme… EPIC!" Sam Blyth 5SM

"On Harry Potter Day we all had Harry Potter costumes and they were all really funny. We made potions, created our own monsters , played quid ditch and made a wand. Harry Potter day was EPIC" Kiera Dlamini -5JM 

“Harry Potter Day was an amazing experience. I loved making potions.”  Demi-Louise Marshall 5D.