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Our recent Ofsted visit

We are delighted to announce that following our recent Ofsted inspection we have been graded as 'Good'

On Tuesday 3rd October 2017, Ofsted carried out a short inspection at Churchtown Primary School. They were coming to school on the proviso that the school is still GOOD; the last outcome of our previous inspection on May 13th 2013.

We were extremely pleased that the inspectors found us still to be a GOOD school. Attached is the Ofsted letter, which the school receives following a short inspection; we don’t get a report due to still remaining at a GOOD status. At the end of the inspection day we received verbal feedback from the inspection team, not all of which is in the Ofsted letter due to restriction on words, we have therefore listed the verbal feedback below so that you can share the success of our inspection.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents and guardians for their feedback, support and positive comments during the inspection. The children were a credit to the school, you can see this highlighted below and in the letter from Ofsted. We have written to the children to thank them and highlight what they are doing really well. Churchtown staff continue to be an asset to us, they work tirelessly, creatively, and professionally to produce the best outcomes for the children in their care. They are supported by a dedicated Governing Board who have shown commitment leading up to and during the inspection.

The focus of the short inspection was on Leadership to ensure that they are addressing the key issues for improvement. The inspectors, along with the leadership team, carried out learning walks, lesson observations, book scrutinies, reviewed safeguarding procedures, and undertook interviews with staff, middle leaders, children, governors and the school improvement partner. They received 184 views from parents and carried out a staff survey.

Highlights of the verbal feedback:


  • It was very clear early on in the day that they were dealing with a very strong school, they were very confident with their result and the school is a solidly GOOD school.
  • There are many measures of success - it has made considerable improvement since last inspection.

Culture and Environment:

  • Churchtown Primary school is like a family 
  • The school has welcoming, bright classrooms 
  • It has a strong emphasis on school values 


  • The school is led by a passionate and inspirational Leadership Team who has a strong moral purpose and is very driven.  It is a large school that is being steered in the right direction 
  • The Leadership Team accurately identify areas for improvement 
  • Leaders have a clear vision and are open and honest 


  • Children enjoy and enthuse about school 
  • Pupils feel safe, know how to be safe in life and online 
  • Children are polite and have excellent attitudes to learning
  • Pupils are articulate and have high self esteem 
  • Children are tolerant and respectful 

Teachers and Teaching Assistants:

  • There is an inescapable buzz in classrooms and this is due to what teachers have created over time
  • Churchtown has really excellent practitioners, it has tiers of capable staff
  • Relationships are very good at all levels
  • Middle leaders are passionate about their roles
  • Social and emotional well-being and physical education are strong 
  • Continuing professional development focuses on a love for learning for pupils and staff
  • Subject Leader’s lead with vigour 
  • Phase Leaders and year group leads support and develop strong middle leadership, this is a very strong aspect of the school 

Early Years:

  • A settled feel to all Early Years classes for early on in the academic year
  • Adults are strong in the Early Years; it is hard to know the difference between teachers and teaching assistants
  • Teachers don’t overpower children’s learning
  • Behaviour is a strength of the Early Years, there is good routine, procedure and calmness
  • Children are productive
  • Children are engrossed in activities
  • Children are very cooperative with others
  • Outdoor areas are well resourced

Pupils’ social, emotional and mental health:

  • This is prioritised by leaders, backed by middle leaders, children believe they have lots of support
  • Vulnerable pupils are identified well by staff
  • There is support for young carers, bereavement group, adopted children, children with additional needs
  • Attendance is above average for this group 
  • Pupils offered experiences they would not normally be able to access

Thank you for your continued support