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Nifty Netballers

On Thursday 16th November, our netball team played Larkfield Primary School. 

It was evident the girls additional pracitisng as a team during club times and playtimes helped them to gel as a team and to put their learning into play. Congratulations on your 8-4 win girls. Onwards and upwards for our future matches.  

'Netball practice is one of our favourite times during the week. All the girls train hard and are eager to learn new rules each week and apply them to game situations. Over only a few weeks we have seen amazing improvements from all the girls, therefore we would like to reiterrate that even though some of you may not have been chosen for the first matches, there are many more matches  coming up and we aim to ensure more and more girls have the opportunity to play a competitive game of netball. We are hoping to add an additional team into the league this year, so please keep coming to practice. Thank you. Miss Lucas and Miss Morris.