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National Young Mathematician Awards

On Thursday 9th November 2017, four Year 6 children attended a national competition hosted by Explore Learning in Liverpool.

The event, designed by professors at Cambridge University through their Nrich maths program, focuses on mathematical problem solving in a team and involves schools competing against each other to prgress to the next round. The Grand Final of the competition will be held at Cambridge University in December. 

During the event, the four pupils were given a series of three challenges that they had to work on together to complete,  finding all possibilities given specified numbers to work with. At the end of the allocated time, they had to feedback to the organisers how they had approached each challenge, the solutions that they found and the strategies they used, whilst also demonstrating that they had displayed excellent teamwork. Feedback from the organisers to the school showed that:

'The children demonstrated a clear recording strategy and were able to develop team ideas from the start. They were the only team to make a clear and concerted effort to check each other's work throughout the challenges.'

Lara, Grace, Charlie and Owen were exceptional on the day and we are very proud to announce that they have been selected to represent the school in the regional finals being held at Explore Learning on Wednesday 29th November. We are sure that you will join with us in wishing them the very best of luck in the next round as well as congratulating them on their success. Well done Team Churchtown!!