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E-Safety Parent Workshop

A very successful event discussing all the key matters over E-safety and answering any questions parents may have.  All the information provided is on the powerpoint below.





" Excellent session, more parents should come to this as its vital for all children. They would also learn a lot about their own behaviour. Very informative."

" Really great - such a shame there wasn't a greater attendance. Good level of interactivity. Interesting to know what happens in school. Thank you!"

" Very informative. Impressed with how much is alread done in school. Will share some of the info. Thank you!"

" Simple, easy to undersatnd and follow. Right content. Important areas covered. Thanks and well done."

"Extremely helpful to heighten awareness of Internet Safety. Good to know about child friendly search engine. Well informed. Thank you."



“ Really interesting and informative. Informal and friendly. Reassuring that the school ethos and approach of teachers is so understanding. Thank you.”

“Very relevant and informative. As I am a single parent I found the session very useful, in many ways as I have a 10 and 11 year old that have devices at home. I feel more confident with any issues that crop up.”

“I found the session really informative and got a lot of information from it, thank you for your time.”

“ Very helpful and informative. Thank you.”

“Great session, full informative and I feel very happy the school is doing a great job keeping our children safe online.”


Another E-Safety workshop will be held in February after our E-Safety week to inform parents of the theme of the week and what we have learnt.