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Y3 gymnastic workshops with Dan Purivs

In December, Year 3 were extremely lucky to take part in workshops with Dan Purvis. Dan is a local Olympic gymnast, who we hold as great inspiration in the subject of Physical Education at Churchtown Primary School.

The pupils, practised their balancing, jumping, rolling, travelling and turning techniques on the floor, boxes, benches, balance beam and vault. Dan was supported in the lessons by our very own superstars; Emily Blackhurst and Paddy Simcock who both compete at an extremely high level in the field of gymnastics. Paddy demonstrated great strength on the vault, whilst Emily impressed us with her flexibility in her floor routine. With the success of having Emily and Paddy as coaches within the sessions, this has opened up a new door to asking children who excel in areas of sport to lead and support in lessons through a coaching role.

“It is always a fantastic opportunity to gain tips from experts in their sports, it helps me as a teacher and allows me to provide alternative ways to inspire the children. All children, if encouraged and enthused, can work towards their dreams. If gymnastics is something you feel your child is interested in and you are looking for a local club please contact me and I will try and help you," Miss Lucas.

Dan is looking forward to working with Churchtown again in the future and is excited about being our role model in Physical Education.