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Swimming Glory

On Wednesday 21st March 2018, Churchtown's swimming team were eager to compete at the annual Southport Swimming Gala.

What an exciting evening we all had at the Southport Swimming Gala! The children represented Churchtown and competed in races including freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and in a relay race. It was an extremely exciting night and the team spirit really shone through throughout the whole evening. The atmosphere was electric and the children were thrilled to successfully make it to the finals after they had participated in the heats. 

After completing their final races, we waited in anticipation for the results. To our delight Churchtown had won in the boys section, the girls section and to top it all off we won overall!!  The children's faces lit up with pride as they heard the result. Narayion from 5SM said, "It feel like we have just won at the Olympics." 

Ben from 6K also said, "You can’t help but smile, can you?" Let's hope we come home with more smiles after the children compete in Wavertree at the Merseyside School Games.

A tremendous well done to all the competitors!