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A Royal Reply!

Exciting news today as their Royal Highnesses have repled to the children of Churchtown Primary School. 

Pupils at Churchtown Primary school have received a letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace after they hosted their very first 'Hello Yellow Day' earlier in the year. The reply from the palace has acknowledged the hard work the school have been doing to reduce the stigma that can sometimes surround mental health. Their royal heighnesses have been heartened to learn of the activities the children have participated in and continue to participate in across the school. During 'Hello Yellow Day' these activities included mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, peer massage (a clear favourite of the children’s), training growth mind-sets, discussing emotions, random acts of kindness, gratitude time and lots of other engaging activities linked to positivity. The school are continuing to drive this positivity throughout the school and are currently promoting 'Kindness' across the school.