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Science Week is a Blast!

What an inspiring week we have had!

Last week was the British Science Association, Science Week; a week of fun and scientific investigation intended to inspire and excite the next generation of British scientists.

Here at Churchtown Primary School, we are lucky enough to be part of a group of local schools that have managed arrange a visit from Bloodhound SSC. If you are not aware of Bloodhound, have a look on line. The Bloodhound Project has designed and built a car capable (hopefully) of breaking the 1000MPH speed threshold, claiming the world land speed record in the process. Moreover, the remit of the Bloodhound Project is to inspire young people to see their own potential as scientists, engineers, mathematicians and problem solvers in British industry.

The week's events also coincide with the 90th anniversary of a Land Speed Record being broken on Southport beach. The Sunbeam Tiger, driven at over 150 MPH on our beach by Sir Henry Segrave, has returned for a re-enactment of the record breaking drive. The car will be on dispay at The Atkinson, and will be in action on Ainsdale Beach on Wednesday.

For Science Week we have taken inspiration from the Bloodhound Project, as well as from British astronaut Tim Peake, to plan activites for our pupils linked to rocket power and space exploration.

In Early Years our youngest children have been exploring space from the safety of the school hall ! Edge Hill University's science team brought an inflateable planetarium for the children to enjoy. 

In Year 1, the children have learnt about rocket propulsion and  investigated how balloon cars can be made to go faster orfurther.

In Year 2, the children have found out how thrust is responsible for lifting a rocket off the ground and how even a small reaction can have exciting results.

In Year 3, the concern is how to survive rocket flight. Ths children have been designing and testing parachutes to protect an egg from a fall from a first floor window!

Year 4 have been developing ways to maintain control over a rocket powered vehicle. They have also designed, built and tested rockets and rocket powered cars, complete with fins and wings to keep the stable.

Year 5 have been lucky enough to be chosen to go and see the life-size, interactive model of Bloodhound SSC itself, at Birkdale High School. There they  participated in a workshop to build a rocket powered car out of Knex.

Year 6, who are currently working incredibly hard towards their end of year results, will have the opportunity later in the year to enjoy their own Science Curriculum.