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New Behaviour Policy

At Churchtown we aim to be an exceptional learning community with high expectations of achievement, attainment and behaviour through – 

  • High expectations
  • Ensuring that all children with a variety of needs and abilities can achieve their best 
  • Developing happy, successful and motivated children 
  • Motivating and inspiring the community to make learning irresistible, fun and life long for the children, families and staff at Churchtown Primary School

Our core values drive everything that we do at Churchtown including our behaviour for Learning.

Respect for all

Love of learning

Fun & Happiness

Friendship & Family

Skills for life

Growth & Development


Children learn best when they are happy, secure and clear about what is expected of them in all aspects of life and when they are encouraged, consistently, to behave well. At Churchtown we encourage and expect high standards of behaviour from and towards everyone. We realise that the great majority of children enjoy learning, work hard and behave well. These children must be recognised and rewarded.

Over the last 3 months we have been developing a new Behaviour Policy. We have a new behaviour ladder which can be seen below and the new policy is also attached.