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Behaviour Awareness Week, Hello Yellow Day and Children in Need!

Odd Socks Day, Hello Yellow Day and Children in Need... What a busy week we have had! 

The week started with our annual Odd Socks Day to mark the beginning of Behaviour Awareness Week. Children, and staff alike, supported the day by wearing odd socks to acknowledge that we are all different, unique and beautiful in our own way. 

This year, the theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2018 was: ‘Choose Respect’. The aim of the week was to help children to understand: the definition of respect; that bullying is a behaviour choice; that we can respectfully disagree with each other; and that we all need to choose to respect each other both face to face and online. Classes across the school engaged in lessons that related to each of these areas. 

Further to our class discussions about respect, we shone the spotlight on the power of conversation and the whole school shone brighter than every on Friday with a sea of yellow sweeping across the corridors. Throughout the day, each class participated in activities such as mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, peer massage (a clear favourite of the children), training our growth mind-sets, random acts of kindness and lots of other engaging activities linked to positivity and talk.

In addition to all of this excitement, we also had Children in Need! We raised a fantastic £770 from the cakes sales and will be sending the donations to both Community Link Foundation and Children in Need. Thank you for all your support- Well done Churchtown!