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Reading Lottery Winners

The winners of the Reading Lottery for this half term have been announced

A huge well done to all of you for your hard work reading at home this half term. 

We have had hundreds of raffle tickets sent to the office and are excited to announce the names of the winning raffle tickets.

Duggie Mitchell - RIW,   Jenson Major - RS,  Vanessa Zelca - 1C,  Evie Wilson - 1PC,  Cameron Hall - 2D  Finlay Dale - 2B,   Alice Mawdsley - 3DW,  Amelie Kaye - 3S,   Ace Howard - 4HW    Mide Martins - 4K  Scarlett Gilmore - 5V,  Dylan Cockwill - 6SM

Congratulations to all of the children whose names have been drawn out. You will be visiting the Broadhursts  Bookshop on Thursday 15th November.

The Reading Lottery has started again already for another 12 people to be picked out before February half term

Make sure you are in it to win it - keep reading at home !!!