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Year 3 Take Flight!

Year 3 Airport Experience!

Year 3 arrived in their classrooms earlier this week to find they had been transformed into an airport!

The children took part in this exciting experience to embark on their theme Road Trip and help develop their writing. Our budding flight attendants were on hand to help the children through their experience.

At check-in and baggage, Miss Suffell had to ask some children to remove items as their bags were too heavy to check in! Mrs Bowers was head of security with Mr Bateman and Trevor the dog on hand to sniff out any items that weren’t allowed on the plane. Passports were checked and stamped by Miss Armour at Passport Control and then the children were able to relax with Mrs Duncan in the Waiting Lounge.

Finally, the children boarded their plane and enjoyed some in-flight entertainment and light refreshments before landing safely at their destination.

We would like to thank the children for taking part so enthusiastically and our Teaching Assistants for helping to make the morning so memorable.