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Love My Community Day - We raised £685 !!

Love my Community Go Orange for Muscular Dystrophy Friday 15th February 2019 

Our school is part of the Southport Learning Partnership where we work together with other schools on joint projects.

On Friday 15th February 2019 SLP will be holding the fourth 'Love My Community' event. This year we will be supporting Muscular Dystrophy UK by ‘Going Orange’

Simply, the idea is that every child in our school will wear something orange for the day and they pay £1 for the privilege. Children will not be allowed to spray their hair or paint their faces.

The idea for this event came from pupils on the joint school council, as we have some children in our schools who have Muscular Dystrophy and who know first-hand about the vital support Muscular Dystrophy UK provides for many families. We all thought this would be a great gesture of support for the work that they do.

Many thanks for your help with this appeal and we hope together we can all make a huge demonstration that we Love our Community!

Here are some quotes from our School Council: - 

I liked ‘Go Orange’ day – Holly (Year 1) 

I had a great day – Marianna (Year 1) 

Everyone wore orange – Olivia (Year 3) 

I learned about Muscular Dystrophy – Jayden (Year 6) 

It was good to raise money, a boy in Reception gave his pocket money – Fearne (Year 5)

Even if people didn’t have orange they improvised ! – Sophie (Year 5) 

We had fun ! – Lois (Year 4) 

It was a great success, my teacher wore an orange jumper – Ebony (Year 3) 

We raised money for a good cause – Molly  (Year 6) 

The best orange person in my  class wore a bow tie – Finlay (Year 5) 

Raising money was the best bit ! – Hubert (Year 3) 

This was a really good idea – Tabby (Year 2) 

It was a great way to raise money – Isaac (Year 5) 

I hope this day helped Bertie and other children with Muscular dystrophy – Olivia (Year 6) 

I liked putting my orange tights on, they were the same as my friend ! – Sailor (Year 1)