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Y6 Letter - Leavers

Letter Regarding Leavers Assemblies

17th June 2021

Dear Parents or Guardians,

This letter is an update after the recent guidance from the government regarding the ending of restrictions. As you may be aware, unfortunately, we will not be able to gather indoors to have our individual class leavers’ assemblies as planned. Below sets out our proposals instead. Whilst they are not as we previously organised, we feel that they are the very best that we can do in the circumstances.

Instead of attending an assembly indoors to celebrate the end of your child’s primary school life here in Churchtown we will be putting together class video packages that will be accessible to yourselves once they are completed. These composite videos will include all of the elements that we were going to include in the actual assembly, apart from a few other elements. These will be shared with yourselves in an outdoor gathering on the same date and the same time that we had originally planned. This socially distanced gathering will include the extra elements. As it will be outdoors, we are planning to go ahead no matter what the weather might be, so on the day, if it is raining, please bring an umbrella and send your child to school in a waterproof coat. We will carry on regardless!

This means then that we are providing the following for our 2021 leavers: Go Outside Adventurous trip, lunch picnic of their choosing, festival on the playground including shirt signing, autograph books, filmed assembly and montage videos for each class and an outdoor gathering for each class on the dates below.

Can I just remind anyone who may not have sent one in yet to send us a photograph of your child from their first day of school, wherever that might have been. We will be including it in one of the elements for the leavers’ assembly and would not want them to be missed off it. Could you please send the photos, along with your child’s name and class to:

As a final reminder, here are the details that we have previously sent home. We will be inviting 2 adults per child to each assembly. They will all start at 09:30 and last approximately 1 hour. The dates for each assembly are below:

Monday 12th July – 6B Tuesday 13th July – 6K Wednesday 14th July – 6JM Thursday 15th July – 6SM Yours sincerely,

Year 6 Teachers