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The Proclaimers support Churchtown's 'Road to Rio'!

As part of our 'Road to Rio' project, Churchtown staff were able to take a group of pupils to attend The Proclaimer's sound check, meet the band and carry out a short interview!

Following Mr Bateman's plan to walk the number of miles from Churchtown to Rio - as well as our charity weeks and music videos - we were given the opportunity to meet the men behind the hit song, "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)". Not only were we able to take some photos with the band, but we were also able to listen to their sound check for their concert in Southport that night, as well as ask them questions about their careers. Paris from 6B summed up the day when she said, "we should do this more often!"

The Proclaimers also recorded a special video message for the school, which you can see here!