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Dodgeball for Day 3!

We're halfway through our charity week and today's team challenge was a nice, friendly game of dodgeball!

Each team was fired up and ready to display their aiming and throwing skills in front of a packed hall of children this morning. Once again, the competitiveness from particular players was unmissable (mainly from SMT!) as children and staff battled for 1st place.

After several games, the scores from today are outlined below:

Senior Management Team - 1st place (4 points)
Teaching Assistants - 2nd place (3 points)
Year 6 Sports Ambassadors - 3rd place (2 point)
Teachers - 4th place (1 points)

This means that at the halfway mark, the overall scores are as follows:

1st place - Senior Management Team (10 points)

2nd place - Year 6 Sports Ambassadors (7 points)

2nd place - Teachers (7 points)

4th place - Teaching Assistants (6 points)

Although this particular battle is over, the war has not yet been won!