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Hungry Hippos makes its return!

After becoming one of the main highlights of last year's charity week, Day 4 marked the return of our human version of Hungry Hippos!

Many classes turned up once again to see how the team challenges developed. All four teams battled it out, but in the end, the results were as follows:

Teachers - 1st place (4 points)
Senior Management Team - 2nd place (3 points)
Year 6 Sports Ambassadors - 3rd place (2 point)
Teaching Assistants - 4th place (1 points)

That means that going into the final event, the overall scores as follows:

1st place - Senior Management Team (13 points)

2nd place - Teachers ( 11 points)

3rd place - Year 6 Sports Ambassadors (9 points)

4th place - Teaching Assistants (7 points)

Thank you to everyone who has participated/come to watch the challenges!