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Final of the Team Challenges !

The final competition of the the team challenges was an Olympic style relay race! Staff and children battled it out (in their costumes!) in a contest that included: rowing, hockey, tennis, hurdles, sprints and javelin throwing!

There were 8 members in each team (Sports Ambassadors were divided into two teams of boys and girls) and it was all still to play for going into the challenge!

After a closely fought race, the final scores were as follows:

1st place - Teachers (4 points)
2nd place - Senior Management (3 points)
3rd place - Year 6 Sports Ambassadors (2 point)
4th place - Teaching Assistants (1 points)

That means that going into the final event, the overall scores as follows:

1st place - Senior Management Team (16 points)

2nd place - Teachers ( 15 points)

3rd place - Year 6 Sports Ambassadors (11 points)

4th place - Teaching Assistants (8 points)

From finishing in 4th place overall last year, it was clear that the Senior Management Team had been working hard over the past 12 months to claim the victory.

Well done to all the staff and children who participated, as well as all the classes who came to watch and cheer on each team!

Thank you all!

Mr King and Miss Lucas