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Lancashire Science Festival Fun

Twelve potential scientists  had an inspirational  day out visiting the Lancashire Science Festival at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), in Preston. 

The group spent time meeting local employers who showed them how science impacted on their daily lives and gave them the opportunity to try out various tasks and challenges such as planning roads and wearing special gloves whilst working with 'nuclear reactive' items!

From the science floorshow, Amy, our enthusiastic Science Ambassador took us to watch Dr Matt Pritchard and his show about time. The Churchtown children were first up as volunteers and even got to witness teleporting before their very own eyes!

After a quick bit of lunch it was time to meet Dr Kevin Bowman to learn about robots from the past, the present (Sunday 3rd July is the final of the Euro 16 Robot Football Championship) and what we can expect in the future, such as driverless cars.

Finally it was off to see the Experimentrics who provided us with an action packed show of tricks, laughs, practical jokes and science based wonderment that had the children enthralled for 40 minutes and amazingly the artists never spoke a word whilst they performed!