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It's still GOLD for the girls!

It may be a new school year and there may be some different faces, but the girls' football team continues to shine with another tournament success!

The girls started the tournament in a group with Farnborough Road, St Luke's and Norwood. Despite several shots on goal and maintaining the majority of ball possession throughout, the girls drew their first two matches. However, once they settled into the game and overcame their nerves, they stormed to a 4-0 victory which sent them straight to the top of their group. They then qualified for the semi-final against Kew Woods, which they were able to win, 1-0, after a closely fought contest.

In the final, they met Farnborough Road again, who had qualified as first runners-up and won their semi-final match. It was a tough match with a goal scored by Churchtown being disallowed as it did not cross the line. The game went into extra time and then penalties, all of which ended in a draw. Finally, in a gripping 'sudden death', every girl had to take a penalty. In a very dramatic fashion, it came down to the last players of both teams, but fortunately Churchtown were able to claim the victory and earned themselves gold medals!

While it was great that the girls won the tournament, it was the teamwork and the determination of all the girls that really stood out. The girls supported each other throughout and demonstrated all of our Churchtown Values. This was the first time most of them had played together in the same team, but you couldn't tell!

This was one of the most exciting tournaments in recent years. Well done girls - you deserved it!