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Tuesday 7th September

Good morning Year 5.

We are so proud of you all for how well you dealt with being on the field yesterday and how sensible you all were!

Although you will be working from home today, we know you will give it 100% to completing the three activities we have set for you.

1) Maths: Today, we would like you to work through the maths lesson on place value, identifying the value of the digits in the columns.

2) English: Today, we would like you to look for the features identified in the checklist which can all be found in an instructional text. We have given you a text to look at to find the features. If you can't print out the worksheet to colour in don't worry - you can write down examples of the features that you find on a piece of paper.

3) Reading Lesson: Last week, we read the first two chapters of Harry Potter. We would like you to work through the PowerPoint, answering the questions on the first two chapters.

Remember to give it your best.

Don't forget to read at home from any book of your choice (or find a short story to read online) and practise your times tables - there are lots of sites that you could go on which will help you with your times tables .

We look forward to seeing you back in school very soon!!

From the Year 5 Teachers : )


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