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After School Clubs

After School Clubs vary during the year and change half termly, so keep an eye on what we have on offer!

West Lancs Sports Partnership currently provide 6 after school clubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The cost of each club per child is £3
Letters will be sent home to children that show an interest in a particular club and places will be allocated accordingly - usually on a first come, first served basis. 

We also have additional clubs run by staff members.

The clubs on offer this half term are: 
Year 1
Outdoor adventure's - Thursday
Year 2
Rounders - Tuesday
Musical Theatre - Monday
Year 3
Football - Wednesday
Musical Theatre - Monday
Cheerleading - Tuesday
Year 4
Football - Wednesday
Musical Theatre - Monday
Cheerleading - Tuesday
Year 5 
Cricket - Thursday
Football - Tuesday
Musical Theatre - Monday
Year 6 
Football - Tuesday
Gymnastics - Wednesday
Drama - Thursday
Spanish - Thursday

Lunchtime clubs 

At Churchtown Primary School, we run a range of clubs during lunchtimes which are for our various Champion groups. 

- Sports Ambassadors
- Eco Champions
- School Council 
- Reading Champions
- Health and Wellbeing Champions 
- Science Ambassadors 
- Digital Leaders
- Maths Champions 
- Little Readers 

For more information on what takes place at these meetings, why not view the page for each group in the Champions section of our website!


Children's university 

What is Children's University?  
Young people from across Sefton take part in Children’s University, a national programme that provides 5 to 14 year olds with exciting and innovative learning activities and experiences outside normal school hours. They reward children’s participation in voluntary learning activities that will develop their skills and raise aspirations for the future.  

What is a Passport to Learning?  
Children use a Passport to Learning to collect stamps as proof of their learning. Learning Destinations are places and organisations that children can 'travel' to with their passport. They provide Children's University validated learning activities and are publicly accessible, such as museums, sports clubs, libraries and theatres. Also, places such as Farmer Ted’s and Martin Mere will award credits. The passports are £3.00 and are available through the school office, either directly or by returning the slip below. We will collect the passports in every term to collate all credits gained.

After School clubs  

At Churchtown Primary School we have been awarding the children credits for their time spent in most after-school clubs. Homework Clubs and Buddies do not apply, but committees such at School Council, Eco and Sports Ambassadors and the Playleaders or Peer Mentors do count. These credits are collated each term and sent to Sefton Children’s University who keep a running total of each pupil’s credits. At the end of Year 2 and Year 6 pupils who have gained enough credits can ‘graduate’ with a number of different awards, from Bronze Award up to Gold Degree. The ceremony takes place at Edge Hill University and is a great recognition of the children’s extra commitments!

Learning Destinations  
 Young people can gain credits from participating in school lead activities or from learning at verified “Public Learning Destinations” across Merseyside. Watch out for our CU Summer Challenge – students can gain additional credits by completing our validated CU activities!  

How to find Public Learning Destinations – There are over 100 Learning Destinations in Merseyside. All Learning Destinations are listed on the National Children’s University website. This page is being updated daily so keep checking for new Learning Destinations!

Who is running Children's University at Churchtown?  
If you would like more information, Mrs West (Nursery) will be available to help. 

To see photo's of last year's graduation, click this link:  /gallery/?pid=0&gcatid=2&albumid=26