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From the very beginning young musicians have the opportunity to explore a range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments,including keyboards. Our Early years children have enjoyed learning about high and low sounds walking with their tiny fingers up and down the keys, step by step or jumping from high to low.  


Learning to play an instrument starts very early at Churchtown with ukuleles, keyboards and recorders .We spend about half a term on each instrument, and revisit them later in the year.They also learn to play a wide range of tuned and untuned percussion instruments.


We teach whole class recorders from Year 1. The children learn the finger positions for  5 notes, and are introduced to where the note characters such as  Buzzy Bee, Amos Ant and Celia Centipede  live in the  "Stave House". 

In Year 2 they learn to play simple melodies using some of these notes and are keen to learn the finger positions for new "Stave House" characters.


 Ukuleles offer a wonderful introduction to learning a stringed instrument for small hands.

In Year 1 children learn the names of the strings, G C E A ( Good Children Eat Apples) and the  thumb brush strum. In Year 2  they start to learn some simple fingering patterns , the shuffle strum  and are introduced to one finger chords.


Lower KS2 MUSIC 

In September Its ukulele time for some of our Year Groups - each year we revisit an instrument to revise and build on skills.

Y4 Musical Wednesdays

In Year 4 every child has weekly class taster sessions and workshops with our instrumental tutors from Sky Music Hub. They will learn to play African Drums, Violin, Clarinet, and either trumpet, trombone or baritone. 

They also get to take home instruments for free on loan from the Music Hub. 


In Years 5 and 6 children continue to build on their skills, with access to a full range of instruments including guitar,ukulele,keyboards, recorders, tuned and untuned  percussion, steel pans, and African Drums. They learn about World Music including African drumming , Steel Pan Band, Gamelan and Samba.  They are encouraged to bring to lessons any instrument they are learning to play along either in small group tuition , or outside school.

Year 5 Samba Workshops during a theme based around the Rio Olympics.


Year 6 learn about music of WW2  and famous musicians of the time - Glenn Miller , Dame Vera Lynn and George Formby. They play the Blues using the chords C F and G on ukuleles and keyboards .

 Summer Term

As a welcome relief to all the hard work preparing for SATS Year 6 have been thrilled to watch Youtube clips of the amazing  "STOMP"  as inspiration for their own improvisations using junk materials and body percussion.

KS2 Wider Opportunities (WOPPS) 

At Churchtown we offer a programme of wider opportunities in Music in conjunction with Sky Music Hub ( Sefton Music Service). Currently every child in Y4 enjoys whole class taster sessions and workshops with our instrumental tutors for Woodwind, Brass, Drumming and Violin , to see which type of instrument they prefer and are best suited to learning.

Music Tuition Y5/6 

Whilst in Year 5 and 6, every child is provided with a wonderful opportunity to learn a musical instrument through small group tuition provided by an excellent team of external tutors.This is in addition to the music lessons that all children participate in with teaching staff covering the National Curriculum Objectives.


We offer tuition for  Brass(trumpet,baritone, trombone),Drumming, Violin, Guitar and Woodwind(flute, clarinet, saxophone)

Wherever possible we will loan instruments free of charge in collaboration with Sky Music Hub. If you wish to buy your child an instrument during the year, the school offers a ‘buy through school / Sefton Music AIPS’ scheme which gives huge savings by incorporating an educational discount without VAT charges. 

Learning how to play a musical instrument out of school can be expensive - with lesson fees ranging from £10 - £20 - thus resulting in some children not having the opportunity to follow their interests. At Churchtown Primary School, we believe that broadening children’s experiences through the arts should be more accessible and allow for all children to participate. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to offer half hour tuition in small groups at a reduced cost equivalent to around £2.50 per lesson. Costs are subsidised by the school.

 Understandably, it takes time to progress from learning the basics to learning pieces that can be performed to an audience, so a dedicated approach to the sessions throughout the year is important. To honour this commitment, a one-off fee of £75 will be payable in advance, which covers  a minimum of 30  tuition sessions.

 If you would like your child to take part but would be unable to meet the full cost, please contact the school office.


Every child has the opportunity to sing, play, compose ,perform and to develop their skills on a variety of musical instruments, in class based music lessons with specialist teachers.They also take part each year in  high quality performances prepared and  rehearsed by  their class teachers.  

For those who want to take things to a whole new level we offer choirs for keen singers in KS1 and KS2 , and the opportunity to form a band in Years 5 and 6. 

YR5/6 Bands

Years 5 and 6 musicians work with Mr Pritchard with access to drum-kit, electric guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and microphones. There is also opportunity during the year to visit the Meols Cop recording studio 

Churchtown Warblers 2017 

St Cuthbert's Church Choir 

On Easter Sunday three Churchtown singers officially joined St Cuthbert's Church Choir and were presented with their white surplices and a certificate in a special ceremony. Two more singers will get their certificates in a few weeks time. They rehearse on a Friday night from 5.30pm till 7pm, and join in the Sunday morning service. 


Feb 2018 Choristers Wanted Y4/5/6 upwards

St Cuthbert’s Church are looking for new choristers – boys and girls to join their choir. Well done to the children who have already been along to see what it's like and sung in church on Sunday!  

There will be red robes for them to wear like the rest of the choir and after 5 weeks they will be promoted to wearing a white surplice on top too. 

Commitment is a choir practice at the St Cuthbert's Church on Fridays 6pm-7pm and  Sunday morning service from 10.45am until noon. It is led by organist and choirmaster Paul Jones.

The children will learn to read notational music, and many other skills, self-discipline, teamwork and will have the opportunity to work towards graded awards.

If your child is interested in joining please ask Mrs Roberts ( Music teacher ) for a letter. Children must be in Y4,5,6 or above. Places are limited.


Christmas 2017

Carol Singing in the Local Community

The choir this year has been very busy. Thank you to Mrs Roberts, Mrs Pursall,  Miss Armour and Mr Bateman in making sure that the school has been an important part of the community at this special time of year. 

The KS2 choirs have sung at :

Churchtown Christmas Lights  

BYNG House 

Westcliffe Manor 

Metfield Grange 

Southport Community Centre. 

Christmas Artisan Market 

Stanley High School Christmas Fair

Hatherlow House 

Boxtree Kitchen ( for Queenscourt )  

Rotary Carol Concert  - Marshside Church 

Churchtown Warblers  2016/17

A new Churchtown Warblers season began in September 2016 led by Mrs Roberts, Mrs Pursall, Mrs Bowers in KS2 , and Mrs West in KS1, whilst two of last years leaders went off on their adventures -

Mrs Keen left to have a baby and Miss Armitage is travelling the world!

Christmas 2016

At Christmas groups were delighted to travel in style in the new school minibus to entertain Churchtown's older generation at Hatherlow House, Metfield Grange Day Centre, and Southport Community Centre on Norwood Road. They also sang for the Christmas Fairs and for the Rotary Carol Concert. 



Spring and Summer 2017 

In the Spring Term, Mrs McArdle joined us to help. The 65 strong choir sang a selection of Gospel and Pop songs for their parents and rocked the School Hall. We waved goodbye to Mrs Bowers who left to have a baby. 

Summer 2017 is all about the musicals, kicking off with a selection of Oliver songs .  We now have 75 children from Year 3,4,5 and 6 in our choir and Mr Manning has joined the team. We are having great fun under the guidance of Mrs P learning a dance to Consider Yourself. 

Watch this space!

Churchtown Warblers 2016 

At Churchtown we have a choir called the 'Churchtown Warblers', they are children from Y1 to Y6 and they perform throughout the year at various venues such as Nursing homes, local singing events and each year they hold a concert at school for charity











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“A Musical Night at the Movies”.


To finish off our “Wear something funny for money” day, we held “A Musical Night at the Movies”. 67 choir members from Year 1 to year 6 were amazing and performed as Churchtown Warblers to 140 parents, who loved every minute of it ! Without the commitment and dedication from the staff and children this would not have happened. They raised  with your help and support a fantastic £400 towards our total!

Year One Singers - Grace Rimmer, Dylan West, Florence Sullivan,  Sophie Jackson, Lucy Worthy, Lily Pateman, Sam Stevens, Finlay Spencer, Gharam Eladawi, Eva Blu Mason, Jessica Payne & Luella Grahamslaw- Brew.  Year Two Singers - Amelia Draper, Alicia Stone, Lucy McNeill, Scarlett Sinclair, Charlotte Wallwork, Kate Wilden, Daisy Weild, Katie Eshelby, Bessie Morgan, Ava Farrell, Poppy Nicholson & Megan Ratcliffe. Year Three Singers - Penny Kimberley, Amber Callacher, Sarah Lou-Phillipson, Lauren Roseberry, Charlotte Cooper , Matilda Traynor, Lily Bolland, Jamie Ball, Lara Haworth,Emily Blackhurst, Ben Payne, William Jones, Amelie Fletcher, Becky Appleby, Florence Cliffe & Mika Cornes. Year Four Singers - Rosie Cumiskey, Harley Davidson-Ashes, Summer Leach, Charlie Bowen, Dylan Halden , Isabel Cox, Erin Sammin, Beth Fenny, Helena Spencer Lyon, Chantelle Locke & Remy Brown.Year Five Singers - Caitlin Halden, Josh Keen, Louis Drittler, Natasha Moss, Holly Partington, Faye Edmondson, Hattie Jones, Mollie Eaton, Hannah Blanchard, Lara McIntyre, Megan Crompton, Ellie Spencer, Charlotte Law &  Rayhan Bengougou. Staff - Miss Armitage, Mrs Keen, Mrs West, Mrs Bowers, Mr Pritchard & Miss Speed







As part of our charity week,  we held a “Best of British Concert ”. 48 choir members from Year 1 to year 6 were amazing and performed as Churchtown Warblers to parents and relatives, who loved every minute of it! Without the commitment and dedication from the staff and children this would not have happened. They raised  with your help and support a fantastic £490 towards our total!


Year One Singers  - Daisy Seddon, Beatrice Keeley. Year Two Singers - Florence Sullivan, Grace Rimmer, Lucy Worthy, Lily Pateman, Harriet Mangham-Jones, Reham Eladawi, Amy Blyth, Fleur Wigmore, Gharam Eladawi, Lucy Rooney. Year Three Singers -  Amelia Casserley, Stella Hughes, Olivia McDonald, Charlotte Wallwork, Amelia Draper.  Year Four Singers - Holly Rostron, Jasmine Currie, Lily Wallis, Jessica Harrison, Charlie Fairweather, Lauren Roseberry, Becky Appleby, Harry Tilley, Betsy Robinson, Aimee Cooper, Josh Stevens, Chloe Hughes. Year Five & Six Singers  Alice Cockwill, Josh Keen, Mollie Eaton, Lara McIntyre, Lily Robinson, Sarah Whiteley- Johnson, Katie Cornish, Dolly Jones, Taylor Campbell, Harry Lambert, Sammy Little, Charlotte Lee, Kadee Weeks, Sasha Sweetman, Darcy Sutton, Courtney Ngomane-Bartell, India Barton, Gemma Davies. Staff - Miss Armitage, Mrs Keen, Mrs West, Mr Pritchard, Mrs Healy, Mrs Bowers, Mrs Samra, Mrs Standeven & Miss Speed.