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Parental Support

Parents, carers and family members are by far the most important influences in their children’s lives. They mould how young people think about education, their future and society.

Therefore, their support for our schools and engagement in learning are powerfully significant if the learning outcomes for each child in our school are to be more than just aspirations.

Parental engagement can be defined in a variety of ways. It can include the idea of parental involvement. However, parents can be involved in school activities without being engaged in their children’s learning. It is parental engagement in their children’s learning that brings about significant gains in achievement.

At Churchtown we have a wide variety of oportunities for parents to engage in school life and their childs learning.

Being a parent helper 

Parent helpers have a valuable role in helping us to fulfil our vision. Some parents come to school to help with a variety of tasks such as ICT, cooking, and especially reading, and usually work with small groups in specific classes. Other parents help when the children are taken on visits outside school. In whatever way parents offer their time, we are always extremely grateful. 


There is now a requirement for schools to carry out a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check for all staff and volunteers who have regular contact with children. All schools need to hold a register of the checks undertaken.

In order for you to work in school as a volunteer, you will need to complete a DBS form (available from the school office). Please be assured that all information will be treated in the strictest confidence and that these checks are done only in the best interests and safety of the children.

If you are interested in helping out in school in anyway please contact Mrs C Wilson          (Assistant Head ) on 01704 508500

Baby and Toddler Group 

As a school we have a Baby and Toddler group. The club just costs £1 and  everyone is welcome. It is run by Ms L Cornish who works in our school Nursery.

It is held on a Monday from 2 - 3pm and Friday between 8.50  and 10.30 am in The Early Years hall - no need to book just turn up at the main entrance and speak to the ladies in the office and they will show you where to go.

support for parents

If parents have a concern or worry then it important that this is shared immediately. We always listen to concerns and take action; however small the worry may seem. We work with a range of partner agencies to ensure our children and families have access to external partners:

  • In school counselling
  • E Safety - go to policies and reports - Esafety for advice
  • Childline
  • Early Help Team
  • Behaviour support
  • Educational psychology
  • Education welfare
  • RASA
  • Parenting 2000
  • Sefton Special Needs support
  • Hearing Impaired support
  • Well Young Person
  • Sefton Young Carers
  • Speech and Language service
  • Community police
  • Fire service
  • Bikeright

Free School Meals - For advice on eligibility and application contact the office on 01704 508 500

Medication - If your child is prescribed antibiotics 4 times per day, we can administer a dose on your behalf during the school day. Pop into the school office for a  consent form . Please ensure both the medicine and the form it is given to an adult at the school office or Breakfast Club in the morning and collect it from the school office after school.




Chiefs Meetings This year ( Due to Covid we will not be holding these meetings until further notice)

9.00 am in the Lodge

School forum 

Due to Covid these meetings will not take place until further notice...

In 2014 we began a School Forum. As valued members of the school community, we wanted to give more opportunities for parents to have a ‘voice’ into Churchtown Primary. Currently parents can get involved at Churchtown through being parent volunteers, being a parent governor or on the Churchtown Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The School Forum has allowed for more parents to be involved in discussing school related issues as we believe that regular, open communication and consultation with parents is really important to the school.

What is a School Forum?

The School Forum is a group of parents, staff, governors who meet once a term to discuss school-related issues. The forum provides a valuable way to listen to your ideas and concerns and seek your views, helping to make sure the needs of children and their families are met.

Meetings are led by school staff, usually by the Headteachers and the aim is to have a parent representative from each class. Meetings are informal and a genuine opportunity for open discussion. The meetings take place during the school day.

Examples of issues that may be discussed include:

           School Improvement Plan

           Parking and safe routes to walk / cycle to school


           Extra Curricular Activities

           Parents evenings and school reports

           School dinners

           Views on school policies when they are updated e.g. Behaviour Policy

Sharing the information

Feedback will be included in our newsletters to all parents and published on the school website. If you would like a parent representative to raise an issue or make a suggestion on your behalf at the forum please ask them to do so. If you have specific concerns about your child, your first point of contact should always be your class teacher

Parental workshops 

Due to Covid we will not be holding these as face to face workshops but we will seek an alternative way of them taking place.

Below are a list of planned workshops for the year ahead.

Date Year Group Workshop
TBA All year groups Meet the Teacher
TBA Early Years EYFS Practice 
TBA Early Years Reading and Phonics
TBA Early Years Maths 

Chipmunks, CHIEFS, FFAF groups Half termly meetings